Import Data Export Data EXAMINING/EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION (CMS100) CMS administers civil service testing for agencies under the jurisdiction of the Governor; however, actual employment decisions are
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Who needs a CMS-100 form?

The State of Illinois offers a form CMS-100 to allow candidates to be considered for open vacancies. An applicant is to be regarded for open competitive eligibility for appointment to a State of Illinois position title if: 1) they have never worked in Illinois; 2) they worked in Illinois but have never received an official status; 3) they worked as a certified employee in Illinois, and now they want to exercise their veteran rights; 4) they are a certified employee, who wish to be considered for an open competitive eligible list.

What is the CMS-100 form?

To pass a competitive check to be considered for an open vacancy an applicant must be qualified by Central Management Services (CMS). To pass the test they will need to provide a completed CMS-100 application. The participants of competitive selection are not allowed to test without filling out the CMS-100 form. After successfully obtaining the passing score, the name of the applicant appears on an open competitive eligible list of applicants for this position in the two counties previously selected on the CMS-100 form.

Is the CMS-100 form accompanied by other forms?

If the counties selected in the CMS-100 application form do not correspond to the counties in which open vacancies are, the applicant should provide any information change via Change of Information Form (CMS-263). In this case, there is no need to resubmit a CMS100.

In all other cases, the form does not need to be accompanied by any other forms.

When is CMS-100 employment application form due?

Open competitive grades received as a result of the Illinois CMS-100 application submission are valid for one year. If the applicant wants to go through the re-evaluation, improving their result, they should wait thirty days from the last examination date. To pass another test, a copy of your CMS-100 form is required.

How do I fill out PDF form CMS-100?

All the requested information should be provided accurately and comprehensively. Incomplete or inconsistent information may result in the application being returned to an applicant.

The following blocks of the CMS-100 form must be filled out: 1) Position Title; 2) Personal Information; 3) Driver's License; 4) County Choice; 5) Fired From a Job/State Educational Loan Default; 6) Business, Trade, Correspondence School; 7) Technical/Professional License; 7) Colleges/Universities Attended; 8) Work History.

Where do I send Illinois CMS-100 form?

Completed and signed applications should be submitted to CMS, Examining Division, Room 500 Stratton Building, Springfield, IL 62706.

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